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Alison Garforth


Canine Merishia Massage Therapist.

Canine Behaviourist

I am a Canine Merishia Massage & Rehabilitation Therapist.


I started to see the link between posture and behaviour many years ago and wanted to learn more, so I then started my journey of learning about Tellington Touch, but I wanted to learn more about this on a cellular level, which is why I am now a Canine Merishia Massage & Rehabilitation Therapist.  


I have now started another journey with Sarah Fisher from Tilly Farm, learning about Ace Connections and free work and how this can also help my clients to feel better emotionally and physically. 

  • Diploma in Canine Merishia Massage Therapy level 4.

  • An Advanced Diploma at Foundation degree level in Canine Behaviour Management level 5.

  • A certificate in Animal Physiotherapy level 3.

  • A recommended practitioner member of the Association of Merishia Therapist.


I have the pleasure of sharing my life with my husband Shane and 3 dogs, a Chihuahua cross Jack Russell called Paisley who is 7 years old, a Labrador called Ace who is 5 years old and Mika puppy Labrador.

Alison Garforth Canine Wellbeing
International Canine Behaviourists
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