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Canine Behaviour Consultations

Our behaviour consultations are designed to help address all types of problems that you may be experiencing with your dog/dogs, as one behaviour can often come with other behaviours. We also consider breed specific traits and diet.


At Harmonious Dogs we look at a dog holistically, we first address your dog's emotional needs and help them to be in a better mindset to learn. It is like peeling away lots of emotionally conditioned responses. Once we have helped your dog feel better about what is triggering the behaviours, we will then show you how you can support your dog.  

Pain can also be a contributing factor to unwanted behaviour. So a vet visit first is always recommend to rule out anything underlying. Diet can be contributing to pain and one thing that can missed. If not on a suitable diet for the individual dog, this can cause intestinal pain. 

Not all unwanted behaviours can be fully addressed in two sessions so follow-up sessions may be needed. Please be aware you may have the whole Harmonious Dogs team attend your consultation if apropriate.

We can only go at a pace that is comfortable for your dog. There is no quick fix despite what you see on the TV, this is not real life.

With dog to dog reactivity we work with the dog having freedom of choice in a safe environment with our teaching and support dogs for guidance. One the first session your dog not be ready to meet another dog until we have worked with your dog's emotional state of mind.

Our behaviour consultation package is from £350 for two sessions with any follow-ups from £100 per session. Most insurance companies will cover behaviour, so check with your dog's insurance.


What to expect:

  • Two sessions within this package 1-2 hours each session.

  • Two behaviourists present.

  • Behaviour report.

  • Support in-between sessions via email or WhatsApp group.

  • If apropriate the Whole Harmonious Dogs team may attend.

  • Our behaviour package is either at our field or at your home (for a home visit please discuss the price with us).

You can download and complete our behaviour form here. Once completed please email this to us & we will look at booking you in ASAP.

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