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Our Puppy Pre-School is £90 for 4 sessions & puppies need to be under 20 weeks (5 months). The first session is a one-to-one at our training field and private woods. This is a great opportunity for your puppy to explore the new surroundings without other puppies and for you to ask questions about any concerns you might be having. Your puppy will get the opportunity to meet one of our dog team at this session too.

The following 3 sessions will be in a group with other dogs and puppies. We will look at recall, lead walking, and all that comes with living with a puppy.

All our training is outside so appropriate clothing is necessary and in the winter months, we do have a shelter we use.

Puppy at-home support.

Online talk to give support for new puppy owners at home.  £60

  • Beneficial for puppies up to 5 months

  • Pre puppy owners

  • New puppy owners

This online talk includes:

  • Chewing & Biting

  • Toilet training

  • Sleeping at night

  • Socialisation & environment

  • Appropriate exercise & play

  • How dogs learn

  • Children & puppies

  • Collar vs Harness

  • Creative meal times

  • Neutering - when to neuter & if appropriate. 

  • Opportunity to ask questions

If you would like to join Harmonious Dogs with your puppy, please download the puppy form and email your completed form to us with your interest.


Puppy Pre-School

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