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Katie Smith (Fiddes)

Dog Trainer & Behaviourist.


I have worked with dogs for over 30 years after attending the very first courses available for behaviourists in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I gained a certificate in Advanced Canine Behaviour and attended the first-ever clicker training course in the UK. 


I was fortunate enough to run puppy classes and take vet referrals from David Harveys’ vet practice in Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon, in the early ’90s and was supported by the vast experience that Peter Neville, John Fisher, and Robin Walker had to offer when they initially set up COAPE.


My passion is Staffordshire Bull Terriers and have owned them for over 30 years and worked with rescue for 10 years. During my time with the breed, I have had the pleasure of qualifying a number of times for Crufts and also competed with them in obedience.


I love to work and support people to achieve the best they can and have taken this passion to qualify in Learning and Development and as a life coach.


Over the years I have developed to provide the best services for owners and their dogs to achieve what they want from their relationship together. I am a firm believer that fun and laughter are one of the best ways to achieve this and I am always looking for new ways for owners to enjoy themselves with their dogs.


For a number of years, I have worked closely with Angela Stockdale ( The Dog Partnership) who has mentored me and developed my knowledge of understanding dogs and their emotions. We continue to work closely together and are able to provide all-around support to owners whose dogs have “aggressive” tendencies or extremely complex behaviour issues.


In 2015 I qualified as a First Aid Trainer and then developed this further, with Veterinary support, to write a canine workshop, which I delivered through Reflex First Aid Training.


I currently share my life with my two daughters, Sarah and Laura, my partner Tim and our 5 dogs, Eric the labradoodle, Rosie the Staffie, Daisy the rescue and Bruno the Deutsch-drathaar (a very posh Pointer).

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