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Shell​ie Brown



I kind of fell into Harmonious Dogs in 2016. After suffering a heart attack and meeting Katie I originally visited the field to groom the ponies as a form of rehab, not long after I started to join in with the dog and puppy groups and gain lots of knowledge of canine behaviour and training techniques

I have a 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier called Lottie and a 8 months Cockapoo called Mac. Not long after rehoming
Lottie, I found that she has some behavioural issues but with the help of Katie, Alison,  and Angela Stockdale ( Dog Partnership) I have been able to put into practice the skills that I have gained.

I have enjoyed helping out in puppy classes and gaining more knowledge on how to help dogs live a life in partnership with their humans. it is great to now be part of a team that all have the dog's best interests at heart.

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